SVW focuses on two main goals: to import innovative natural stone products for any surfaces, meet the highest demands of the competitive market. So it is necessary to optimize supply, production processes and quality control, thereby reducing costs, resulting in a better product with a wide range of options. At SVW we offer you the best quality at the best price along with an extensive catalog of textures, colors and models.

It is a natural stone veneer made creatively and uniquely. It is essentially a thin layer of cut stone or stone-like material that’s attached to a structure for decoration and protection. The stone veneer is reinforced with fiberglass and polystyrene polymers to maintain its flexibility and cohesion at the same time. Each type of stone is characterized by the color, texture, and shape of the natural stone from which it is taken, and is also characterized by its light weight, flexibility, and various sizes

MCM is a mixture of natural raw materials such as clay and sand mixed through a special patented industrial technology. Through research and development, MCM products save energy by 80% compared to traditional building materials and have several characteristics whose main function is to take care capabilities to regulate humidity. MCM is a versatile product that can be used in interior and exterior decoration, tunnels, floors, bridges, and many more. Clay sheets can be used in interior and exterior decoration. In interior design, they are used in wall cladding, in bathrooms, kitchens, and others. In exterior design, they are suitable for facades, tunnels, floors, bridges, and many different uses.

We guarantee our products 10s years, excluding misused or improperly installed

When properly installed, sealed, maintained and cared for, you’ll find that your stone materials will endure for generations.

-A Easy to Cut
-Multiple Applications
-High Quality Economical
-Light Weight
-Easy to install
-Fire Retardant

-Must use the proper adhesive, the wrong adhesive may cause broken or damage to the product
-Requires a structural substrate, which can then add an extra cost
-The use of strong cleaning products may damage the surface
-Best installed by a professional rather than a DIY project

Stone veneer are used in interior and exterior design. In interior design, they are used in cladding interior walls, such as TV walls, beds, staircase walls, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
In external design, it is suitable for external walls and restoration works, floors, around pools, and waterfalls. That’s because of its lightweight and water resistance.

You can see how to Apply Stone sheet here

The expected lifespan of your veneer is contingent upon how well the stone is cared for. longer it will last and the more you will be able to count on the fact that it will continue to look and function beautifully throughout the years.

-Washing and Cleaning – It’s very important that you make cleaning your thin stone veneers a part of your regular cleaning regimen. All you’ll need is a simple solution of very mild detergent and water. Brush over the surface of the stone with a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris.