Neutral colors as seen by the world’s best designers

Neutral colors are the colors that do not appear within the color circle and do not compete with others. They are outside the circle of competition. On the other hand, they fit with all of other colors and go along with them in a wonderful way!

Although it does not belong to the color wheel, it is an essential part of everything, every coordination and every design. Colors cannot be imagined without neutral tones, so what are neutral and semi-neutral colors? How can it be obtained and coordinated, whether in decoration, designs or clothes? What are the best and most beautiful grades?

Basic Neutral Colors

The mainly neutral colors are black and white in addition to gray which is a mixture of black and white.

White color

The white color, which is a complete reflection of the color and adding it to any other color gives us a lighter tone, and it is a strong color that indicates purity and serenity… It gives space to the room and appears larger than its size, but adding too much white, whether in design or in decoration, can give a state of boredom.

Black Color

Black is a complete absorption of light and adding it to any other color gives us a darker tone. Black is the stronger of the two neutral colors and indicates chromatic meanings such as sadness, dark power, and control… It gives a narrow field of view and looks smaller than it is.

Grey Color

Gray can be obtained in one of two ways:

Either basically from a mixture of white and black, when adding white and black in the same proportion, we will get a moderate and medium gray between them, and with the increase in the proportion of black, the color will move to become dark gray and the greater the proportion of white becomes light gray.

The second method is by mixing the three primary colors yellow, red and blue in certain proportions, and every change in this proportion will give us a gray color that tends to the largest part. For example, if you add a greater proportion of yellow, you will get a yellowish-gray, and adding the three colors in the same proportion will give us gray Moderate.