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7 steps to consider when designing your small apartment.

1- Light colors make the place wider and more comfortable psychologically, light colors reflect light more than dark colors, so if you are looking for a simple way to make your apartment appear larger? Choose light colors. 2- Choose multifunctional furniture to save space in the apartment, reduce the amount of furniture to simplify the […]

Modern façade designs for homes in 2022

Pictures of modern house facades 2022. We bring you everything new and distinctive through the Stone Sheet World website, where we show you a group of the finest and most beautiful finishes of modern house facades. The facades of houses are the first evidence that tells us that the house has something special to offer […]

Neutral colors as seen by the world’s best designers

Neutral colors are the colors that do not appear within the color circle and do not compete with others. They are outside the circle of competition. On the other hand, they fit with all of other colors and go along with them in a wonderful way! Although it does not belong to the color wheel, […]

Kitchen interior designs

Many people are interested in choosing the right decorative pieces in terms of size and color so that the house looks elegant and attractive , calm and simple colors will help you feel comfortable, since the kitchen is one of the places where you spend most of your time, its colors must be chosen carefully. […]

What are clay sheets(MCM)?

MCM is a mixture of natural raw materials such as clay and sand mixed through a special patented industrial technology, and through research and development, MCM products save energy by 80% compared to traditional building materials and have several characteristics whose main function is to take care of the characteristic of breathing and known capabilities […]

What are stone slates (veneers)?

It is a crust of natural stone made in a creative and unique way. The surface of the plate forms a thin crust of stone taken from special quarries of sedimentary and igneous stones. The shell is reinforced from the back with fiberglass and polystyrene polymers to maintain its flexibility and cohesion at the same […]

You have bathrooms that look old and you want to change them

Stone Sheets and MCM Sheets are the perfect product for you! We’ll tell you all the great things that our products have to offer. First, it is eco-friendly, 100% natural and moisture resistant as well. Each piece is unique in that it bears the color, texture and shape of the original stone. This means that […]

How to get the look of natural stone in the living room

It’s hard to find a product that’s actually natural, beautiful, eco-friendly, easy to install, and doesn’t make any mess in your living room during installing, but we at Stone Veneer World have found the perfect product to help you get everything you want. With our products, there is no mess at all because the product […]

The History of Stone Veneers

Flexible stone veneers were first created by accident in 1995 when a slate furniture designer Gernot Ehrlich of Germany found that when resins used to bond slate tiles were removed from a broken table top a remaining stone skin, or veneer, of the original stone was left attached to the resin. After many years of […]